What can we do for you?

Our Why:

We opened PEAK Performance & Power Sports to be a resource for local service and repair of ATVs, UTVs, as well as motorcycles and a variety of other power sports vehicles, yard vehicles, etc. Turns out, our chief mechanic Dave Jelinek came to the business with wealth of motorcycle experience and a Harley Davidson Mechanic Certification making him one of the most experienced and knowledgeable motorcycle mechanics in the area.

Our Where:

Located in Hatfield, Wisconsin, a popular resort community, and in the heart of ATV/UTV and snowmobile trails, we can help in the many areas of service and repair necessary to keep your power sports vehicle running smoothly including normal maintenance like oil changes, brake service, suspension service, electronic diagnostics, tranny service and clutch service or rebuild.

Our What:

We can help you decide on equipment upgrades or accessories and install them properly for the best effectiveness when on the trail or on the road. No one wants their ride spoiled with flat tire, or broken linkage, or other breakdowns. We will do our best to solve and repair your issue to get you back on the trail as quickly as possible.

Our Extra Special Why:

If you’re a Harley Davidson rider, you likely know the reputation that Dave brings here, and you’ll likely trust no one else to service your prize Harley Davidson ride.

Qualified Mechanic On-Site

Service to Major Repair

Pre-Season tune up, oil change, brake service, clutch adjustment, or a major repair we'll treat you and your machine with the utmost respect and professionalism you deserve.

Parts and Supplies

Flat tire? Need an oil change, or maybe some oil filter? We carry a selection of essential supplies in house, and we can get parts quickly if we don't have in stock.


Got your helmet? Gloves & Goggles? How about a new Hoodie or T-Shirt? We've have a good selection of SWAG in store...in case yours gets a little messy on the trails!

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T-Shirts, Hoodies, Goggles, Mugs…….

Helmets and Performance Accessories.

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service & Repair

01. Tune-up & Builds

Think ahead and plan your recreational vehicle tune-up BEFORE the season start so you don’t miss anything.

02. Adjust and Install

Throughout the season, wear & tear can take its toll on your machine. Sometimes just an adjustment can get you going again.

03. Major Repair or Rebuild

Nobody likes when it happens, but sometimes you’re facing some serious issues. Don’t you want someone you trust to work on your baby?